Reasons Your Tooth Needs A Crown Rather Than A Filling

If your dentist says you need a crown to repair a cavity and stop your toothache, you may be wondering why you just can't get an ordinary filling. You may wonder if paying more for a crown is really worth it. Here are some reasons why a crown could be the best choice for restoring your tooth.

Large Amount Of Decay

A crown is usually preferred over a filling when your tooth has a lot of decay. Before your tooth can be restored, all of the decayed portion has to be removed. If there is not enough healthy tooth material left to hold in a filling, then a crown is necessary. Putting in a very large filling is not a good idea because your tooth won't be as stable. Your tooth could crack or chip when you chew food because of the pressure of the large filling. Your filling could even pop out when you bite down on something if there isn't enough healthy tooth to hold it securely. Then you'll be back where you started with a damaged tooth and pain.

A crown eliminates this problem because it fits over your entire tooth. The dentist can remove as much decayed material as needed and the crown will still be held in place because it is cemented to the base of your tooth. This makes it possible to repair your tooth even if it has a huge cavity or if it is broken off due to decay.

Reduces Risk Of Infection

Another benefit of getting a crown is because it seals your tooth, so it reduces the risk of getting an infection or abscess that requires a root canal. If you have a large filling put in, the stress on your tooth can lead to tiny cracks that allow bacteria to seep into your tooth and down into the pulp. This could cause a toothache and infection. A crown offers a layer of protection for your tooth to help ward off this problem. If your pulp is already infected, your dentist may recommend you have a root canal before you have the crown put on. The crown then covers the canal to keep out food bits and infection.

More Natural Appearance

If your cavity is in a front tooth, a crown could be the best choice for the sake of appearance. While you can get a white resin filling, it may still be noticeable when you smile. Dental crowns made for front teeth are usually made from porcelain because porcelain reflects light like natural enamel. A crown would look more natural compared to a resin filling that is non-reflective.

While crowns do cost more, they are often the best way to restore a damaged tooth. If a filling isn't appropriate and you don't want to pay for a crown, the only other option is to have your tooth pulled. Pulling a tooth is usually a last resort since it's important to keep your teeth as long as possible to prevent shifting and chewing problems. However, if you do have to pull the tooth now, you can always have an implant later and top it with a crown. An implant and crown will cost even more, so getting a crown as soon as you need it is probably the best choice.

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