3 Ways To Maintain White Teeth

If you are concerned about the whiteness of your teeth, you may be regularly using over-the-counter whitening solutions. However, most of these treatments are only designed to be used a couple of times a year. In addition, even though the concentration of the bleaching agent in these teeth whiteners is less than that of a professional whitening gel, overuse can still lead to painful tooth sensitivity. It is important to take measures to maintain the whiteness of your teeth naturally in between bleaching applications. Here are a few ways to help your teeth stay white:

Have Regular Dental Cleanings

Your dentist prescribes regular dental cleanings to scrape away tartar deposits. However, the cleaning can also improve the whiteness of your teeth.

Tartar has a yellow appearance so it makes your teeth look less white. In addition, tartar is porous, so it can absorb stains from your food and drink to further discolor your teeth.

Stop Smoking

Smoking has many negative health implications. However, it can also discolor your teeth. Tobacco smoke can enter the pores of your teeth as the smoke fills your mouth. The brown chemicals in tobacco can become trapped deep inside the tooth enamel and may not be removable with regular brushing.

A bleaching session can help remove some of the dental staining, but if you begin smoking again after having your teeth whitened, the discoloration will return.

Oil Pull

Oil pulling is an ancient practice that involves swishing a healthy oil, such as sesame, coconut or olive oil, in your mouth for about 20 minutes. As the oil moves around the mouth, it traps microbes and plaque. The oil also goes through a saponification process that gives it soap-like qualities as it is moved about your mouth. The resulting scrubbing action on your tooth enamel can help remove surface stains and dissolve oil-soluble substances that may be discoloring your teeth.

A healthy-looking smile is considered attractive. You may go through great lengths to preserve the whiteness of your teeth through conventional means. However, over time, your teeth lose their whitened appearance as they become stained from the food and drink that you consume. Contact a dentist in your area to schedule an appointment. He or she will be able to evaluate your teeth to determine the reason for their discoloration. In addition, the dentist can suggest ways to safely keep your teeth their whitest in between bleaching sessions.