Are Your Teeth Sensitive? Learn How To Deal With It Properly

Does it hurt to drink coffee in the morning? Does it cause pain when you eat ice cream? Do you find it difficult to brush your teeth because the cold water irritates your teeth? If so, it sounds like you have an issue with teeth sensitivity. While it causes discomfort when eating and drinking, you don't have to deal with it forever. Here are some ways to help your sensitive teeth feel better.

Watch What You Eat

The reason that your teeth are so sensitive is because the enamel has been stripped away, causing the nerves of your teeth to become exposed. This can happen when you consume acidic foods that gradually corrode enamel on your teeth. If you currently experience tooth sensitivity issues, start limiting your consumptions of meats and sodas. It will help preserve the enamel that remains on your teeth, preventing the problem from becoming worse.

Check Your Mouth For Gum Disease

Periodontal disease, often referred to as gum disease, is actually a common problem that 75% of adults are affected by. This means that you have a relatively high chance of getting gum disease during your lifetime. Having gum disease may cause the gum line to erode, which will expose the part of your teeth that are normally protected by the gums, which can be very sensitive.

Speak with a dentist like Dr. Robert Petrtyl about your options if this is indeed the cause of your sensitive teeth. They may recommend getting a gum lift, which will cover up the sensitive part of your teeth that a causing you so much pain.

Wear A Mouth Guard

Enamel can be worn away by unconscious teeth grinding throughout the night. Thankfully, your dentist can identify signs of teeth grinding and recommend a mouth guard to prevent it from happening. While it won't make your teeth less sensitive, it will prevent the problem from getting worse.

Have Your Fillings Inspected

When a filling is installed in a tooth, it is necessary to drill out all the decay in the area. It's possible that a filling has started to break down over the years and is exposing the tooth in places where there is no longer enamel. This can be what is causing the tooth sensitivity you are experiencing. This is one issue that can be fixed to resolve sensitivity problems. It will involve replacing those fillings that are breaking down, giving your teeth the protection they need.