Common Concerns And Questions About Having Wisdom Teeth Extracted

Having wisdom teeth removed is a fairly routine procedure that is necessary for preventing cosmetic and pain issues. However, it is common for patients to have an underdeveloped knowledge about this type of procedure. To help you be better prepared for this procedure, you will want to make sure to know the following wisdom tooth removal questions and answers.  

What Happens If You Fail To Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

A wisdom tooth extraction is a procedure that many people want to avoid due to the expenses and pain involved. Unfortunately, failing to have your wisdom teeth promptly extracted can result in some serious complications. For example, your wisdom teeth can cause the rest of your teeth to come out of alignment due to there not being enough space. Additionally, it can be possible for the wisdom teeth to become infected, which could spread throughout your gum tissue.

Will You Be Completely Sedated To Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

During the process of having the wisdom teeth removed, it is important to understand that you will be heavily sedated. This is necessary to minimize the discomfort that you will feel as well as make it easier for the dentist to remove the teeth. Due to this, you will need to arrange for a friend or family member to drive you home from the dental clinic as it may take several hours before these sedatives wear off.

How Long Will It Take For You To Recover From Having Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

You may be concerned about the recovery time from having your wisdom teeth removed. This can be particularly true for those that have busy schedules due to career or family responsibilities. Fortunately, it should be noted that recovering from this procedure is fairly quick. In many instances, you will be able to resume your normal activities within a couple of days. You may still have some mild swelling and dietary restrictions, but any discomfort can be managed with mild pain medications.

A wisdom tooth extraction can be a routine procedure that most people will have to go through at some point. Unfortunately, it can be common for a lack of information to cause patients to make poor decisions about this dental health need. Making sure to understand the risks of delaying the removal of your wisdom teeth, what to expect from being sedated for this procedure and its recovery will make it easier for you to make sound choices about having your wisdom teeth extracted.