Why Are Dental Implants So Expensive?

When you're comparing options for tooth replacement, dental implants can stand out as an expensive option. But there are great reasons to get dental implants based on the quality of the outcome.

Why Dental Implants Cost So Much

Dental implants can cost more than other teeth replacement options because the procedure is so specialized. It is an oral surgery that will likely require some anesthesia. It also takes place in several stages and involves several professionals. For instance, you will need to see the dentist several times: once for getting your initial measurements, once to put the post of the dental implant in place, and then another to place the top of the implant. Plus, the dentist will need to work with a dental implant specialist to create a custom implant that matches your existing teeth. In short, it can be a time-intensive procedure, but the time spent is crucial to the results you see.

Benefits of Dental Implants Over Other Options

Dental implants are a better option than other choices you have for several reasons. For one, there is a lot more stability than many other options. The procedure is drawn out over several visits so that your gum tissue has time to heal and fix the implant in place correctly. This helps to avoid infections as well. Once your implant has healed fully, it actually starts to fuse with your jawline. This makes for less breakage than other types of tooth replacement.

Dental implants are also very easy to use. Since the implant fits right in with your natural teeth, you won't need to worry about much of a learning curve with eating or talking. There's less to worry about with cleaning and keeping track of a removable apparatus as well.

Choices for Financing Dental Implants

If you believe that dental implants are the right choice for you but you're concerned about the cost, be sure that you approach your dentist about these concerns before looking at other options. There are many potential ways to finance dental implants. For example, you could look at health care loans or credit cards that accept people from all credit backgrounds. You could also try to work with your dentist office on a payment plan or discount for your procedure. Another option would be to look for social services that offer assistance to people with inadequate dental insurance coverage. The extra cost may help you save money on dental visits in the future.

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