2 Conditions That Your Child May Present Even With Great Oral Hygiene

There are many oral health conditions that can develop due to neglect, such as gum disease and dental decay, which often occur because of poor oral hygiene. However, some oral health issues develop because of the way that a person's mouth is shaped. Here are a few conditions that your youngster may have even if they have great oral hygiene.


Some children are born with a condition called tongue-tie. The condition may improve over time, but for many youngsters, it requires a corrective procedure called a frenectomy.

Tongue-tie occurs when the small piece of tissue that connects the floor of your child's mouth to the base of his or her tongue is too short. The short piece of tissue restricts the movement of the tongue. As a result, your child may find it difficult to nurse. In addition, as the child grows, he or she may have trouble forming words.

During a frenectomy, the tiny bit of tissue that is restricting the tongue is snipped. The procedure is relatively painless and involves little to no blood. It can be performed in the dental office, and only a pair of dental scissors is needed. Immediately following a frenectomy, the tongue's movement is less restricted.

Dental Misalignment

The improper positioning of a child's teeth is sometimes caused by unhealthy habits, such as thumb sucking. However, it can also be caused by the shape and size of a child's oral cavity.

If a child's mouth is too small to accommodate the teeth that are growing in, dental crowding can occur. With too little space to grow in straight, the child's teeth may press against one another, creating a domino effect. The resulting alignment problems can be corrected with a retainer or braces when your child is older, but in some cases, a few teeth may have to be extracted to permit enough room for the remaining teeth to grow in properly.

Dental misalignment may also occur if your child is born with a cleft palate. The division of the palate can cause the dental spacing of the teeth to require correction.

If you suspect that a condition that your child was born with is negatively affecting his or her oral health, consult with a pediatric dentist in your area. He or she can assess the state of your child's mouth and determine the most suitable course of treatment.

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