Reasons To Seek Help For A Cracked Tooth

Extreme trauma to the face can result in getting a cracked tooth. If this recently happened to you, you might think a cracked tooth is not a big deal if it is not bothering you. The truth is, though, that a cracked tooth is a big deal. You should never leave a cracked tooth untreated as it can lead to further problems with the tooth. Here are several reasons you should seek help for a cracked tooth when you discover the problem.

Minor Cracks Lead to Major Cracks

Once a tooth is cracked, the crack compromises the strength of the tooth. This means that if you leave the tooth as it is, even if the crack is just minor, the crack could spread. A minor crack can lead to major cracks if the tooth experiences a lot of trauma again. For example, if you bite down on something that is really hard, the trauma from this could cause the crack to get bigger.

Because of this, you should visit a dentist even if the crack is only very minor. Your dentist will be able to determine what to do about the crack, and there is a chance the dentist will recommend doing nothing. It really depends on how big the crack is and which tooth is cracked.

If the dentist recommends fixing the crack, it could involve applying composite bonding to it to cover up the crack. If the crack is major, you might need additional treatment for it.

Cracks Can Cause Infection in Tooth Roots

One of the main reasons you should not leave a cracked tooth untreated is the potential there is for an infection to form in the roots of the tooth. Infections that form in tooth roots occur when bacteria seeps inside or around a tooth and reach the roots of the tooth. A tooth is covered with enamel to protect it, but any type of problem with the tooth can allow bacteria to enter into the roots. This includes cracks in teeth, decay, or other problems.

If this happens, your dentist will tell you that you need a root canal. A root canal is not an easy and fast procedure to go through, but it is useful for saving a tooth, and it is the only way to clean out an infection that has formed inside the roots of a tooth.

You Might Need a Crown

The other thing to consider with any type of dental work is that it is always easier and less expensive to fix a minor problem compared to a major problem. A minor crack can easily be fixed, and fixing it will help you prevent further damage to the tooth. If you leave the crack as it is and if it spreads, you will most likely need a dental crown for the tooth.

A dental crown is something your dentist can fabricate, and it is designed to slip over an existing tooth. Getting a dental crown usually requires visiting your dentist at least two times, and crowns can be somewhat expensive. Dentists use them for cracked teeth to help strengthen the teeth, and dental crowns also protect the roots of a tooth from getting infected.

If you wait too long to see a dentist after cracking your tooth, there is a chance you may need a root canal and a dental crown. This can be expensive; however, it is often the only solution available for a tooth in this condition.

If you recently cracked a tooth and do not want the crack to spread, you should visit a dentist soon to find out what he or she can do to fix the problem. You can also learn more by clicking here.