Choosing The Right Toothbrush

Your toothbrush is probably one of your most-used items. If you are doing it right, then you're using it at least twice a day, maybe more. It is only logical that you attach some importance to choosing this useful item. With the wide array of toothbrushes in the stores, you are most likely confused as to how to make the right choice. Here are a few guidelines.


A lot of people imagine that vigorous brushing using a hard brush is the way to keep your teeth clean and free from plaque. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rubbing your teeth too hard is actually the leading cause of sensitive teeth. Your toothaches may actually be the result of growing cavities and eroded enamel.

Your dentist will agree that soft bristles are best as they help to avoid damaging your gums and tooth enamel. Go for rounded bristles for extra protection.


Go for a head that can reach all corners of your mouth, including the back and sides of your molars. In this regard, a small head is better. Reaching all parts of your mouth while brushing is a good way to ward off the toothaches that come with dental decay.


Choose a toothbrush with a handle that is comfortable, has a good grip, and is long enough.


Manual and electric toothbrushes are equally effective. However, the powered toothbrush may be better in certain circumstances. It is particularly good for people with mobility issues such as those caused by arthritis. They have also been found to be more effective in removing plaque with people who wear braces.

ADA Seal of Approval

When it comes to your toothbrush, don't be tempted to go cheap. Look out for the American Dental Association seal of approval. This means that the toothbrush is certified safe and effective for your teeth and gums.

Children's Toothbrush

For children, choose a toothbrush that is fun to use. This will encourage your child to brush his teeth more and actually enjoy it. Some children's toothbrushes come in fancy colors and others with pictures of your child's favorite cartoon character. If he likes it, he will most likely use it more.

Brushing your teeth is the first step towards good oral hygiene. Choosing the right toothbrush will ensure that your teeth and gums are well treated. You can go electric or manual but make sure your toothbrush has soft rounded bristles, a small head, and a comfortable handle. And remember to visit a dental practice regularly to deal with toothaches and just to get a checkup.

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