Why Braces Can Feel Uncomfortable

Are you finally getting braces to fix your crooked teeth? While the end result will look quite wonderful, it can be challenging to get to that point. Here are some reasons why your braces may feel uncomfortable after they are put on your teeth.

Protruding Wires

It is possible that the wires on your braces can somehow come loose from the bracket. The wires can also stick out and rub against your gums. Either situation will cause you to feel pain or discomfort as a result. Look closely at the braces and how the wire is situated. If the gums are irritated or swollen around where a wire is located, that is most likely the problem.

An orthodontist is able to make adjustments to the braces so that they feel more comfortable. Until then, you can use dental wax to make the edges softer for when they rub against your skin.

Recent Adjustments

It will take some time to adjust to the feeling of your braces. Over time, the braces need to be adjusted to move the teeth into the proper position. This puts pressure on the teeth, which can make them feel uncomfortable right after they are adjusted.

Your mouth becomes used to the discomfort over time, but at first it may be very noticeable. Consider taking a non-prescription pain reliever to help you deal with the discomfort, but you can use numbing cream along your cheeks as well, which helps relieve chafing.

Stuck Food

You will eventually have no issues talking, eating, drinking, and going about your day with your braces. However, you may find yourself feeling uncomfortable due to food that has become stuck in the braces. It's similar to feeling small items stuck between your teeth, and you may feel the need to remove it as soon as possible.

It will help to have an inter-dental brush on hand when you're wearing braces. This will allow you to get food out of your braces that has become stuck underneath the wires or along the bracket. Dental floss is not going to do it due to the unique angle that is required to get behind the metal wires.

Ignoring stuck food could lead to an infection if you are not careful. You'll start feeling more pain, and may need to return to your orthodontist to help treat the problem.

For more information on dealing with braces-related discomfort, always be sure to reach out to your orthodontist. Contact a company like Accent On Dentistry - Rowena R Martir DMD with other questions.