What To Expect When Having Your Braces Adjusted

Will you be getting braces to adjust the alignment of your teeth? If so, you're likely wondering what is involved each time you have the braces adjusted. It is a regular part of the process that will require visits to your orthodontist in order to make sure that your teeth are moving into the correct position. Here is what you can expect to happen during the adjustment visits.

The Rubber Bands Will Be Removed

The first thing that will happen in the process is removing the old rubber bands that are connected to the metal brackets. This will allow the orthodontist to get a good look at your teeth for an inspection. They'll decide what kind of wires will be needed to make further adjustments to your teeth and decide the next step of the process.

The Old Wires Will Be Removed

The next step is to remove all wires that connect the brackets on both the tom and bottom rows of teeth. The brackets will most likely remain attached to the teeth unless the orthodontist feels like one of the brackets needs to be repositioned.

The New Larger Wire Will Be Placed

A new wire will be placed onto the brackets to help make further adjustments. This step feels like the braces are being tightened, but it is really the sensation of more pressure being put onto the teeth to move them with the thicker wire. New metal ties will also be installed to hold that thicker metal wire to the brackets. At first, there will be a lot of extra wire hanging off your teeth, but the extra wire will be trimmed and the end will be tucked under the wire. 

The New Rubber Bands Will Be Placed

At this point, the new rubber band will then be placed over the brackets. The band looks very similar to an elastic chain, which is used to close up the gaps between your teeth. Your orthodontist may even give you an option about what color rubber bands you want placed on your teeth since it is common for teens to want a fun color. 

The Next Appointment Will Be Made The Same Day

You'll want to schedule an appointment for your next adjustment at the time of your visit. It helps ensure that you can get in to see your orthodontist when it is needed, and won't delay the treatment process of adjusting the alignment of your teeth.

For more information, contact an orthodontic clinic in your area.