If Your Teeth Are Causing Serious Pain, Should You Wait for a Dental Appointment?

When people start to experience discomfort in a tooth, their first reaction isn't to necessarily set up an appointment with a general dentist. Many people wait to see if the pain will resolve itself, or they hesitate due to anxiety about what could be wrong. However, if you've waited for the pain to lessen for one reason or another and now the pain is becoming severe, the idea of waiting for a general dentistry appointment to open up may sound terrible. Is this your only option, or is there something else you can do? Here's what you should know.

Why Waiting is a Bad Idea

General dentists often book appointments weeks in advance, which can leave you in pain for a long time waiting for help. This is bad enough on its own, but it could also result in your condition worsening significantly.

When you are already experiencing severe to extreme pain in your gums or teeth, it likely means that there's already a problem going on. If you choose to wait, this problem could potentially get worse. Gum infections can develop abscesses that put the health of your gums at risk, while a tooth developing a cavity that's neglected may go from needing a simple drilling to a full root canal. Like any other injury or disease, it's best to get it treated as soon as possible.

What Your Alternative Option Is

While many people think that emergency dentists are only there for sudden emergencies, like having a tooth knocked out, that isn't the case. Emergency dentists are available for all kinds of dental problems that are causing you trouble and are in urgent need to be taken care of.

Unlike general dentists, emergency dentists don't perform simple maintenance care, like examining and cleaning your teeth. This leaves them with more availability for emergencies, and often means that you can get an appointment for the very next day, or in some cases, you can even walk in for assistance right away. Although, it's best to call the dentist to confirm an availability before heading in, of course.

Whether this pain came on suddenly or you've been ignoring it until it became unbearable, this is no time to hesitate. If you're worried about your oral health and can't deal with the pain, don't reach for a pain reliever or topical treatment. Set up an emergency dental appointment and get the help you need right away so that your condition doesn't get worse and become even more painful.