Stop The Tooth Loss With Dental Implants

When a single tooth is missing, it may be only the beginning of problems. Read on and find out what happens when you are missing a tooth and what you can do about stopping the loss right away.

A Domino Effect

Many are not aware of how harmful it can be when a tooth is missing. It may have been lost because of an accident, sports, or through decay, but quick action can stop it from happening again. When you lose a tooth, the space left behind, even if it's not visible to others, can cause damage to the remainder of your teeth because of a domino effect with your teeth.

Each tooth in your mouth has a job. It occupies a space that is dependent on all the other teeth. Your teeth on either side of the missing tooth, for example, depend on that tooth to maintain stability. With no tooth beside them, the teeth on both sides of the space can become loose. They can feel somewhat wiggly when you touch them. When a tooth is loose enough to move back and forth, bacteria can enter the gums. That may cause decay and gum infections which can lead to the loss of more teeth. Even the teeth below and above an empty space can suffer from the lack of a tooth. Other issues with missing teeth include:

  • A loss of bone in the jawbone. When the bone senses no tooth is there, it stops producing bone and the entire jawbone loses bone density.
  • The way you chew foods can change and cause you to chew only on one side. That puts too much pressure on the teeth on the other side of a missing tooth.

How to Stop the Losses

Rather than allow other teeth to fall out and your bones disintegrate, consider replacing the missing tooth with a dental implant. This way of replacing a tooth mimics the effect of a natural tooth when it comes to the teeth around it and the bones underneath it. The post of the implant is sunk into the bones beneath the gums and that sends a signal that bone regeneration is needed. The crown of the implant not only looks attractive, but it also serves to keep the teeth around it safe, healthy, and stable.  

Dental implants can only be placed into healthy gums so don't wait too long to make the move and get implants. You will be doing the rest of your teeth a favor and you will look great at the same time.

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