2 Benefits Of Getting A Dental Crown After A Root Canal

After being diagnosed with a severe cavity that has reached into the pulp of your tooth, you may have been told that you need to have a root canal. While the procedure does help save the tooth instead of having to pull it, it does leave gaps in the tooth that need to be covered and protected.

One option is to have the tooth covered with a dental crown. Not only does this help restore the appearance of the tooth, but getting a dental crown after a root canal also has a couple of other benefits.

1. Helps Keep the Fragile Tooth from Breaking from Pressure Caused by Grinding and Chewing

One benefit that comes with covering a tooth that has had a root canal with a crown is it provides protection from breaking. Once the procedure is complete and the decayed tissue is hollowed out and removed, the tooth will be fragile.

Because of its fragility, the tooth will be prone to breaking from the pressure caused by grinding your teeth and chewing your food. When a crown is placed over the tooth, it helps provide stability and strength to the enamel, bearing the brunt of the pressure so that the enamel is less likely to crack and break off. 

2. Protects the Sensitive Tooth from Aching While Eating Hot, Cold, Spicy, and Sugary Foods

Another benefit that a dental crown provides after a root canal is that it protects it from irritating spicy or sugary foods as well as hot and cold temperature changes. Even if the pulp is removed, the nerves are often still left intact but more sensitive than they were before.

If left uncovered, your tooth will ache whenever you eat these foods or drink something too hot or cold. However, with a crown in place, the sensitive enamel will be shielded so that you will not experience the ache when trying to enjoy your favorite foods and beverages.

Even after a successful root canal, the damage done by the cavity can leave the tooth fragile and sensitive. When a crown is placed on the tooth, the covering helps to keep it from breaking as well as protects it from food and temperature changes that can make it ache due to increased sensitivity. If you would like to learn more, make an appointment with a dentist to ask them about the benefits and process of getting dental crowns after your root canal.