How Do Dentists Offer One-Visit Crowns?

If you have ever gone through a root canal procedure, there is a good chance you have also gone through a dental crown procedure. Dental crowns are almost always used in conjunction with root canals, and they typically require multiple visits to complete them. There are dentists today, though, who offer one-visit crowns, and here are a few things to understand about how this is possible today. Dentists Make the Crowns in Their Offices Read More 

What Happens If You Don’t Floss?

You know that your dentist wants you to floss, but it's so annoying to drag that string between all your teeth, right? Maybe sometimes you don't floss, and then before you know it, you haven't flossed for weeks. While this is common, you don't want to go weeks without flossing if you can help it. Despite controversy over whether or not flossing is really necessary, for most people it is definitely helpful because flossing helps clean your teeth even more. Read More