Reasons Your Tooth Needs A Crown Rather Than A Filling

If your dentist says you need a crown to repair a cavity and stop your toothache, you may be wondering why you just can't get an ordinary filling. You may wonder if paying more for a crown is really worth it. Here are some reasons why a crown could be the best choice for restoring your tooth. Large Amount Of Decay A crown is usually preferred over a filling when your tooth has a lot of decay. Read More 

Diabetes And Dental Implants | What Every Diabetic Patient Should Know

It is no secret that one of the only ways possible to replace your natural teeth with those that look and feel real in your mouth is with dental implants. Even though dental implants are attractive to every type of patient, not every person is the perfect candidate for the surgery. If you have diabetes, dental implants can be a little riskier. However, this does not mean that you absolutely cannot have dental implants if you are indeed diabetic. Read More 

Natural Ways To Whiten Teeth

If you have teeth that are not as white as you would like, there are several methods you can use to make them brighter by removing surface stains. These methods can be done in the comfort of your own home using products you most likely already have readily available. Here are some simple ways to brighten teeth using everyday household items. Check The Kitchen Baking soda is an excellent resource to use to whiten teeth. Read More 

What To Do (And What Not To Do) When Your Child Bites His/Her Lip Or Tongue

When a small child has dental work done that requires anesthesia, the risk of your child accidentally biting his or her lip or tongue after the procedure is quite high. That's because children are often fascinated by the numbness around their mouth or simply forget about it. Regardless, all parents should be aware of the do's and don'ts of dealing with such a situation, as lip and tongue bites are pretty common dental emergencies among small children. Read More 

A Healthy Body Starts With A Healthy Mouth: 2 Ways To Keep Your Mouth Clean And Healthy

If you're trying to avoid the health issues that accompany aging, you should start with your mouth. Healthy teeth and gums can help reduce the chances of developing gum disease. In fact, keeping your gums healthy can help prevent serious medical issues. Studies have found that gum disease can actually cause heart disease. A clean, healthy mouth can also prevent premature tooth loss that's associated with gum disease. You might not realize this, but the bacteria that builds up in your mouth can actually find its way into the rest of your body, including your heart and blood stream. Read More