When Is the Right Time of the Year for Your Child’s Braces?

There is a great deal of conversation about the ideal age to have braces installed on a child. However, there is less detail about the best time of the year to have them installed. While every child and every situation are different, there are some factors that every parent should consider to determine what time of the year is the right time.


Braces do slightly alter the appearance, and for some, this difference comes along with an adjustment period. If your child has expressed concerns about a fear that they might not approve of their new look, have their braces installed at the start of summer break. Installing the braces during this time gives your child the entire summer to get used to their new smile and improve their self-confidence with braces. Also, make sure you're enforcing to your child that they look great no matter what.

Time Management

A braces install involves a series of steps that require several appointments in a short window. Since you will have to be the one taking your child to the orthodontist, look over your schedule to see if you have any big work events. The thing about the install process is that the spacing of the appointments is intentional. If there is a delay with even one of the appointments, it can create challenges for the treatment install.

Extracurricular Activities

You should also consider the appointment schedule when it comes to your child's extracurricular activities. Braces are safe and will not prevent your child from engaging in sports or other activities, but there is a learning curve when it comes to this orthodontic treatment. Braces must be thoroughly cleaned throughout the day and require that you pay attention to what you eat. Scheduling an install in the middle of a sports season leaves little time for your child to develop a healthier routine and increases the risk of a missed appointment. 

Growth Spurts

Children tend to grow more during the spring and summer seasons. While researchers are still studying the exact cause, a hormonal response to the added heat during these seasons is a likely cause. It's good to install the braces on your child's teeth before these growth spurts. If you install the braces beforehand, the braces will keep their teeth aligned as they grow. If you wait until after, your child's alignment issues could worsen depending on their growth.

For more information about your situation, don't hesitate to speak with your orthodontist in your local area. He or she will be able to assess your child's and family's needs to ensure you set the appropriate timeline.