Dental Implants As An Option For Your Tooth Replacement

If you are going to be having a tooth extracted then you will want to learn about your options for having it replaced so you don't have to go around toothless. Dental implants can be a great option for tooth replacement, as long as you are a good candidate for an implant. If you are facing a tooth extraction then you should read the information here to determine whether or not a dental implant is right for you and what you can expect if you decide to go through with getting one put in. Read More 

Basic Tooth Fractures & Dangers Of An Untreated Cracked Tooth

The condition of your teeth is very important for the overall appearance of your smile. But cosmetics are not the only thing that you should worry about. The following guide will provide some information on basic tooth fractures and expose the hidden dangers associated with a cracked tooth. How Tooth Fractures Occur Fractures to your teeth can occur for several reasons, like the following: Falls or hits to the mouth Biting down on something that is a little too hard Fillings that no longer support your tooth Cavities that have penetrated much of your tooth Bruxism due to stress or anxiety Be sure to pay attention to the last two points, as these need to be checked out by your dentist as soon as possible. Read More 

Dental Tools That Can Help You Clean Your Bridge

Like with any other prosthetic dental piece, your bridge can accumulate bacteria, which can be bad for your oral health. Given that a dental bridge has a different structure from your regular teeth, you may need to work harder to make sure that your bridge is properly cleaned. If bacteria leads to your gums suffering from gingivitis, you gums and jaw bone might recede and could cause you to lose the structure upon which your bridge is constructed. Read More 

Three Common Causes Of Morning Jaw Pain

Do you wake up each morning with an aching jaw? Instead of just dealing with the pain, it's important to get to the bottom of what is causing it. Some conditions that cause morning jaw pain will only get worse if you do nothing about them, so it's important to think a bit more about your symptoms and talk to your dentist. Here's a look at three possible causes of your morning jaw pain. Read More 

What To Do If You Chipped Your Tooth This Thanksgiving

When you head out to your family's Thanksgiving dinner to enjoy some delicious turkey and other traditional holiday fare, you never expect for the meal to result in a chipped tooth. However, if you bite down on your drumstick or wing and hit bone, you may end up with just that. The question then becomes what you should do in order to deal with and remedy your chipped tooth. Before you panic and assume that your smile is ruined forever and your tooth will never look or feel the way it should again, get to know some of the options available to you to deal with your chipped tooth and repair your smile to its former glory. Read More