How Do You Know When An Old Dental Filling Needs Replacement?

Having your cavities filled is an important part of helping to stop the spread of tooth decay. When cavities are filled, whether it's filled with metal amalgam or a ceramic resin, the filling helps to protect the underlying tooth from becoming damaged further by bacteria. Fillings help to reduce the risk that you'll experience problems related to tooth decay in the future. However, fillings don't last forever. They slowly deteriorate over time, and they'll eventually need to be replaced. Read More 

What To Expect When Having Your Braces Adjusted

Will you be getting braces to adjust the alignment of your teeth? If so, you're likely wondering what is involved each time you have the braces adjusted. It is a regular part of the process that will require visits to your orthodontist in order to make sure that your teeth are moving into the correct position. Here is what you can expect to happen during the adjustment visits. The Rubber Bands Will Be Removed Read More 

This Is Why Your Child Needs To Keep Their Baby Teeth Healthy

Baby teeth are sometimes seen as an opportunity to mess up, as adult teeth will move in later anyway. Obviously you don't want your child to get a cavity, but if they did, you might not think it's such a big deal. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. If your child does something that causes them to lose a baby tooth before it's ready to come out, you could have problems in the future. Read More 

When Is the Right Time of the Year for Your Child’s Braces?

There is a great deal of conversation about the ideal age to have braces installed on a child. However, there is less detail about the best time of the year to have them installed. While every child and every situation are different, there are some factors that every parent should consider to determine what time of the year is the right time. Self-Confidence Braces do slightly alter the appearance, and for some, this difference comes along with an adjustment period. Read More 

Are You A Good Candidate For Dental Implants?

The idea of getting dental implants is one that appeals to many folks who have gaps in their smiles. Whether you're just missing a single tooth or have several missing, it can seem like a great way to regain the confidence you have in your smile. Not everyone is a good candidate for the implant procedure, though. Let's examine whether you may or may not be someone a doctor would be able to provide with dental implants. Read More